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Meet Leah

Moonchild Yoga Wear Ambassador
Voted Among Class Pass 2017 Best Fitness Instructors in Raleigh Ambassador

"On a best day, I’ll have yoga with inversions, nature, friends, and my furry loves, my corgis, the cat everyone forgets about

... and probably a glass of good wine."


I've found after many years, I don't sit still well and I'm constantly wanting to get up, move and work toward making this life as good as I can.  I've lived a (decently) well structured, adventurous, life and now have to decided to share it as I go as well as help others along with their own journeys.   

I try to be immersed in my passion for motivating and helping all levels achieve their goals.  I'd like to say I have a quirky, upbeat personality and always interesting 'Rhythm and Poetry' music choices help drive my passion and theirs to find those fantastic happy vibes.   

I currently reside in NC, but I grew up playing soccer, tennis, hiking, running and riding horses in VA.   After years of physically demanding sports not limited to countless times being thrown off horses (takes 100 falls to be good right?) and soccer in college at WVU, I realized the toll that it had taken on my body.  I was constantly stiff, sore,in pain and had accepted that as the norm.  After moving to NC, I discovered Buti Yoga, which became the first workout that not only created a huge shift in my life physically & mentally, but has helped me become a better person and help show me what I am truly capable of.  

A few years later and many training, certifications, countless hours on the mat and a happy little studio purchase to follow, I finally found my true path of helping others succeed, I continuously am inspired by the magic that yoga brings to the world and how it helps promote, encourage and empower women (and everyone) to be the best versions of themselves. Although I enjoy all aspects of yoga, my heart belongs to Buti Yoga.  The transformation and change in myself and others is breathtaking. Buti is a Marathi Indian term for “the cure to something that’s been hidden away or kept secret”. 

Helping and seeing someone reach a goal they never thought they had or was within their reach is one of the most rewarding aspects I’ve found in life.  My tribe and community, which have become my family, keeps me motivated and moving on even my toughest days and for that I am forever thankful.  

I have the wonderful opportunity to co-own and manage Barre-Up here in Raleigh, NC with my best friend.   We crazily decided to take a chance and purchase the studio in the fall of 2017.  To me, yoga has become so much more than a series of poses. Yoga has taught me how to love myself and bring joy to others in the world. Yoga makes me feel calm, confident, beautiful, strong, graceful (sometimes) and overall a happier, better person.  It brings joy to my life and I’m grateful to be able to share it with others.

200 HR RYT Buti Yoga, Buti Flow, Vinyasa, Hot Core/Sculpt, Pilates Mat & Barre Certified