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Say Spirituality 3 times fast

Leah M Ward

The real struggle with words; practice makes perfect! #bloopers

We all have wonderful talents we’ve realized over the years...maybe even a better one is realizing what talents we DO NOT have.  Watching yourself on film for the first time can be cringe worthy, but you can laugh, learn and take from it (all while still cringing).  I realized I move my hands at an incredible speed when I’m speaking and get excited. I have the fun habit of closing my eyes and shaking my head when I’m thinking.  I also own the ultimate sin of enjoying the word UM way too much. Learning your own idiosyncrasies can be humbling, amusing and an overall need for a giant glass of wine.  Please enjoy my struggle with spirituality and many more bloopers to come! Click "Say Spirituality 3 times fast" or “Read More below for the full video!

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