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What you'll get from BnaFit

BnaFit pronounced "benefit" is adding a different twist to your normal workout.  We want to give you more than just a workout.  We want to connect.  We want to be there with you.  You matter and that's the most important part of the equation.  With BnaFit not only will you get the workouts you want/need, you'll also get the connection with a trainer.  We care and it'll show!


BnaFit Trainer - Leah

Launching February 2019!

Meet the creator - Karly

Karly Pavlinac is a 200 RYT, specializing in hot and detox yoga. Certified by Yoga Legacy. She completed her Paddlefit level 1 and SUP yoga training with Stoked Yogi. Giving her the skills and knowledge to take her land practice onto the water. She attended North Carolina State University gaining a degree in Design Studies with a concentration in Business, as well as a minor in Art and Design. She has a passion for design, yoga, and adventures.

What I decided to do is chase my dreams. I’m not sure exactly what will happen. I know it will be hard, but I have never been afraid of anything that is hard. I may be a little afraid of the unknown, but if I never go after what I believe in I will never know. The countdown begins.
— Karly Pavlinac

Sneak Peak into BnaFit App with Trainer Leah M Ward- Launching Feb 2019
Third Chakra Series - Success in the World

3 Legged Down Dog -Knee to Nose - High Lunge Flow

Past BnaFit Events September 8th, 2018


1. Decipher the clue. Go to the location. 

2. Every location has an exercise challenge. Record a video of yourself/team doing the exercise assigned on the clue.

3. Post exercise video on social media. (If you are on a team each team members must post on social media.)

4. You must tag the location, trainer, and BnaFit.

5. Go to the next clue and complete the same process. (You may complete the clues in any order)

6. Finish all clues then post an individual/team picture stating you have completed the BnaFit Scavenger Hunt and email with team member names and social media handles. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners receive prize baskets! 1st place basket goods total $1,400! Get a head start by referring friends to get the clues early.