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Private Sessions


Private Yoga, Training, & Accountability Coaching

Please tell me what you're looking for or what you'd like to accomplish.  Keep it simple, make it complicated, whatever you feel you need or want to tell me, we'll work on it together!

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includes Accountability Coaching* :

Yoga Based Sessions - Strength & Flexibility* - Customized Yoga sessions based your current fitness needs.  Used to help improve your current goals, increase power, flexibility and overall performance - comes with weekly accountability coaching

Yoga Based Sessions - Chakras* - Customized Yoga sessions based on your chakra needs.  Includes pendulum reading and specific workouts to help regain and build overall energy and chakra balance - comes with weekly accountability coaching

Overall Fitness Sessions (Cardio & Yoga)* - Customized HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio sessions with a combination of yoga to help flexibility and compliment your workout and overall fitness- comes with weekly accountability coaching

Accountability Coaching - Customized accountability coaching to help achieve success by refining, defining and help tracking your overall health, mental wellness, and fitness goals.  Proven to help adjust your mindset, build physical personal skills, and explore personal barriers



  • $50 Introductory - initial session includes and can be in person or via Zoom

    • Meeting of what to expect

    • Assessing where you are currently in your fitness journey

    • Making sure the fit is right!

      • Initial sessions are 30 - 45 mins

      • Must be completed before any custom workout sessions, single workouts or packages can be purchased.

  • $100 - Sessions include custom workouts, weekly accountability coaching, and a personalized touch to your individual fitness needs.

    • Each session is an hour and fifteen minutes - additional time can be purchased a la carte

  • $40 - Additional 30 minute training - can be added to any session purchased

  • Packages can be bought in 3, 5, and 10 sessions - 10% off packages of 5, 15% off packages of 10

A la carte (may be purchased after introductory assessment)

$55 - Single Workouts - 45 min custom training sessions for your needs (does not include training routine or accountability coaching)

$30 - Custom yoga training flows

$30 - Weekly Accountability coaching - per 15 mins

10% off packages of 5 or more of Single Workouts & Weekly Accountability coaching